What you can visit in Belluno and surrounding areas

Leaving our hotel in downtown Belluno you can visit its historical and artistic beauties, but also dive into the past visiting the old villages of Feltre and Mel that are just a short drive away.

Belluno among history, culture and art

The chief town – surrounded by Dolomite Mountains -  is a city on a human scale, much distant from the big cities chaos and is therfore the ideal location for a relaxing holiday with the family. Belluno is a fascinating and charming town with its historical palaces where the northern style and the Venetian gothic style melt together creating a spectacular effect. In Piazza Duomo you can find beautiful palaces such as Palazzo dei Rettori, Palazzo di Giustizia, the old Vescovado and Palazzo Rosso. You can admire the baroque Cathedral standing out from the other buildings. The best way you can discover the city is by foot: walking through Belluno you can uncover hiden parts and little “piazza”, such as Piazza dei Martiri and its “liston” where people from Belluno love meet and chat. You cannot miss a visit to Porta Rugo, the museum, Palazzo Crepadona where you can find the library and exhibitions.

Mel: dive into the past 

Mel is one of the historical villages characteristic and full of art of the Valbelluna. It is situated half way between Belluno and Feltre. The Italian touring Club has given it the Orange Flag and it is surrounded by charming woods and meadows. This little village has a very interesting artistic and cultural heritage. With a fourteenth-centuary mansion Barbuio-Gaio and the Town Hall of the XVI centaury. The “Addolorata” Church and  the Rainessance Palazzo delle Contesse and Casa Fulcis. For people who love the ancient history you can find also a Paleoveneta necropolis and a beautiful archeological museum. A short distant away you can visit the Zumelle Castle, whose primary settlement dates back to the Roman period, which is often opened to events and guided visit.

Feltre: walled city

On the western part of Valbelluna you can find Feltre, one of the most intact walled city in Veneto. The streets of downtown are an uninterrupted succession of palaces of XVI centuary with frescoed facades, mullionedes and Renaissance style balconies. Standing out Among the buildings of the town is the tower of Alboino Castle, “Palazzo della Regione” that holds the old “Teatro de la Sena” (where began its career Carlo Goldoni) and the XVI centuary old “Palazzo Cumano” which holds the Modern Art Gallery “Carlo Rizzarda”. This is a city which has to be visited, it’s so rich in art and history it’s a must see.